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This page is an index for the Loads and Loads of Characters of the television series Lost.

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Ben Linus was by far the best character on the show because he was the ONLY character that created a legitimate ambiguity between good and evil.Benjamin Linus. Follow. Ben let his eyes linger on the bank of televisions in front of him,.

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Ben Linus, Ben quotes Of Mice and Men, Every Man. are some of the most controversial episodes of Lost.In Lost why is John locke going to kill Jacob and why is Ritchard and Ben so.

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One of the things you forget about is just how funny some of the characters could be at times, like Ben Linus.

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Quotes. Mr. Eko: I did not ask for the life that I was given, but it was given nonetheless, and with it I did my best.

Most of you are familiar with 15 year old Sterling Beaumon from his role as young Ben Linus on LOST.This far into Season 3, it was clear that Benjamin Linus was a devious and selfish man.

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The band broke into this big heavy metal thing and I started as a joke.The Others (LOST) Edit. History. Benjamin Linus and briefly,.

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Benjamin Linus is a long-time resident of the Island and a leader of the Others.

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Ben Linus was the perfect antagonist for a show that reveled in its mysteries and was content to keep a number of them unsolved.I used to do this big rant at the end of some gigs with Ben Folds Five.

Michael Emerson, who plays Benjamin Linus on Lost, reads Little Boy Blue in a very creepy way.Benjamin Linus...

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Ben Linus (Lost) Totally Looks Like Captain Piett (Star Wars) Cheezburger Read Smashes Nelsonnet logo Totally Looks Like Nintendo64 logo.

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